Manufacture Plant for Concrete Products

Production program for the manufacturing of concrete products plant equals to 5–15 m3/h. For the purpose of concrete products manufacturing, there is stipulated a 30 m wide and 60 m long production building, warehouse of inert additives and finished-products storage warehouse.

Production Plant of Mineral-Wool Boards

The plant is designed for the production of thermal insulation boards from mineral wool. The production program of the plant stipulates production of light, semi-rigid, rigid and ultra-rigid mineral-wool boards with capacity of 5 t/h (melting capacity), 26 440 t/year (fiber capacity).

Production of Road-Construction Equipment

The project is intended for production of road-construction equipment, standby power supply, mounted vehicle attachment tools and creation of production facilities to assure the proper functioning of correspondent technological processes.

Production Plant of Compound Animal Feedstuff

The plant is designed for production of compound animal feedstuff on the basis of plant products (main component is maize). The produced feedstuff will be supplied to the cattle farms. The plant capacity – 10–12 ton/hour of crumbled feedstuff or 10 t/h of pelleted feedstuff (with matrix of 4,0 mm).

Heavy Machinery Maintenance Center

The purpose of this project is a complex solution for quality service, maintenance and repair of vehicles, as well as professional training of personnel in the field of repair and operation of vehicles supplied from production plants, as well as those ones produced at the assembly plants on the territory of Latin America. Production program of the Maintenance center is around 5000 vehicles attendances annually.