• 28.04.2017
Maintenance Center for Repair and Servicing of Heavy Vehicles

The project aims to provide high quality maintenance of the machinery, professional training for the personnel on maintenance and proper implementation of the machinery delivered to the territory of Latin America.


Maintenance Center Production Program

  • Capacity — 5000 units per year.
  • Core and auxiliary production personnel — 48 persons.
  • Auxiliary workers quantity — 9 persons.
  • Management — 14 persons.


Technical Service Concept

Technical service concept aims to provide the required level of technical completion of the machinery fleet. Technical policy of the maintenance center is based on the regular preventive system of the technical service.

Machinery maintenance system is a complex of cooperating means of repair, execution, strategy, technology and reference documentation, which provides operational condition of the machinery.  The required level of the technical completion of the machinery fleet is provided by the following means:

  • organization and carrying out all types of technical services in the center  and at the place of machinery exploitation;
  • diagnosing the technical condition of components and assemblies, with their proactive replacement before the onset of emergency outages;
  • availability of consignment and negotiable spare parts warehouse;
  • equipping with special tools, appliances and garage equipment;
  • availability of technical literature, instructions and other documentation;
  • technical training of the operational services and support staff.


The range of work and services of the Technical Center

  • pre-sale preparation of the machinery;
  • machinery warranty service;
  • routine maintenance of all types of machinery;
  • diagnosing the technical condition of components and assemblies ;
  • machinery renovation service;
  • tire maintenance service;
  • ordering and sale of the spare units through the Internet providing direct delivery to the customer;
  • professional education and training of the personnel;
  • technical customer support;
  • car wash service;
  • coloring and painting the products in accordance with the customer request;
  • mechanical processing of parts according to the request of the Customer.


Machinery contingent serviced in the Center

  • Automotive vehicles – dump trucks, flatbed cars, road trains based on truck tractors;
  • Road-building machinery – front loaders, with a carrying capacity of 1.0–7.0 tons;
  • Specific automotive machinery;
  • Tractor machinery – wheeled tractor power 57/89/130 hp;
  • Quarry machinery – mining dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 30-55 tons, carrying capacity of 130-220 tons;
  • Trailed and mounted agricultural machinery.


Production composition of the Center

The technical center includes the main and auxiliary production, warehousing, transport, plant management.

The main production includes production sites used for implementation of the technological process of repair and release of finished products.

Auxiliary production includes tool management and the chief mechanic department.   Chief mechanic’s functions include the maintenance and repair of equipment, buildings, structures and engineering networks, the repair of intra-plant transport, crane facilities, tools, manufacturing of appliances and other works.

Warehousing includes warehouses for repair facilities, finished products, spare parts, materials, chemicals, metals, paints, fuels and lubricants, compressed gases and waste.

Transport of the technical center is divided into external and internal. For the organization and implementation of external traffic within the plant management a service group is formed. Internal transport provides work on the territory of the technical center.

The main and auxiliary production consists of areas of external washing and receiving, disassembling and washing, incoming inspection, electrical equipment repair, fuel equipment repair, diagnostics, maintenance and repair, mechanical processing, welding, painting products, assembly of units, tire fitting, instrumentation storeroom, spare parts warehouse, compressor room, automatic fire extinguishing premises, battery room, fuel and lubricants warehouse.