• 28.04.2017

The production program of the Manufacture Plant for concrete products 5-15 m3/hour.

For production of concrete products there are provided the industrial building of 30m width and of 60m length, a warehouse of inert additives and a warehouse of finished products.

Technological solutions

Automatic line on the basis of vibration press in complete with exposure cameras is a set of equipment that allows to produce high-quality concrete products in automatic mode in full.

The control system based on an industrial controller is programmed to produce a wide range of products and makes it possible to eliminate the negative influence of the “human factor” to the maximum extent. Freshly formed products after the vibration press are palletized along the conveyor to the hoist drive where it accumulates.

Next, the transfer trolley from the transportation group takes all the pallets and transports it in an exposure camera. An industrial controller is installed on the transportation group which is programmed to place freshly formed products in free cameras and to export aged products from occupied chambers.

Next, according to the program the transfer trolley takes out the aged products and reloads it to the down-drive, from where the pallets are transported one by one to the demolding station. The automatic packer collects products from a pallet using a grab and loads it onto a transportation pallet, where it stacks according to a program in the required number of rows, if necessary with a turn of 180 degrees. Transport pallets with packaged products are driven on the conveyor outside the workshop for loading into vehicles.

Technological pallets in a closed cycle with cleaning and turn over are supplied back to the vibration press to repeat the molding process. Due to the fact that various products (paving slabs, curbstones, etc.) are molded and packed at different speed, the production line is provided with buffers units for technological pallets (store, feed store, pallets output conveyor).

Raw Materials

To ensure the performance of the production line 5–15 m3 / h of molding mix is required.

In the production of construction products three main components are used: viscid, aggregate and water.

Cement and slow hardening gypsum can be used as viscid materials, and sand, crushed stone, waste, expanded clay, slag, ashes, or any similar materials capable to create a solid composition after mixing with a viscid materials may be used as aggregate materials.

The composition of the concrete mixture based on cement for the production of products based on heavy concrete (2 300 kg / m3), with an index of hollow stone 100 in one m3 of the volume of the mixture shall contain:

  • fine aggregate (quartz sand) – 920 kg;
  • large aggregate (crushed stone) – 980 kg;
  • type of cement 500 200 kg of water 15–20%;
  • water from the cement mass – 100 kg;
  • dye (pigment).

Regulations and mixtures compositions will be developed upon delivery of the Plant. To ensure the annual capacity of 85,000 m3 / year, it is necessary to provide viscid materials (cement) 17,000 tons; aggregate – 162 000 tons; water – 8 500 tons

Composition of the main technological equipment

The composition of the process equipment is shown in the diagram.

The main parts of plant are:

  • preparation of concrete mix site;
  • molding area;
  • packing area;
  • finished products warehouse.

Product Range and Application Examples

The equipment allows to produce a variety of products:

  • wall stones of any modification;
  • curbstones of all sizes in accordance with state standards (GOST), including curvilinear;
  • pavement slab of any modification;
  • road products;
  • products according to customer drawings.

Master Plan

The main planning decisions of the master plan are made due to the functional and technological purpose of the facility with the following areas highlighted:

  • the main production area, including a warehouse of inert additives;
  • area for the preparation of concrete mix;
  • industrial building;
  • warehouse area with a warehouse of finished products and loading and unloading platform.

There is a separation of movement on the site of motor transport delivering raw materials and transport intended for the export of finished products.

The total area required for the construction is 1.6 hectares.

Architectural construction solutions

The conceptual solutions presented a proposal for the construction of a Plant for the production of concrete products on the territory of Latin America.

The determining factor in the architectural construction were the requirements of the technological process which dictates the size and relative position of the technological equipment. The main building on the site is the industrial building. Its dimensions are 30.0 × 60.0 m, the height to the bottom of the construction beams is 8.4 m. The building is made of a metal frame. External fence and coating is of metal sheet. The lights are installed on the roof. The louvered grilles are provided for natural extraction in the upper zone of the wall fencing along longitudinal sides. There is also gable roof with an external drain.

The administrative unit is built into the industrial building and includes security rooms, dressing rooms for workers, a dining room, a laboratory, administration offices, as well as auxiliary and technical rooms.

A warehouse of inert additives is located at the site and presented by an awning made of metal structures with a grid of columns of 18.0 × 30.0 m and a height of 9.6 m to the bottom of the beams.

Main construction indicators:

Industrial building: built-up area – 1,800 m2; total area – 1 810 m2; building volume – 15 120 m2.

Concrete mixture preparation zone: total area – 400 m2.

Warehouse of inert additives: total area – 540 m2.

Warehouse of finished products: total area – 1,350 m2.

Technical and economic indicators

  • Total area – 1.6 ha.
  • Building area – 1 ha.
  • Plant capacity – 515 m3 / h.
  • The number of technological workers – 27 people.
  • Water supply – 25 m3 / day.
  • Wastewater disposal 3 m3 / day.
  • Installed power – 495 kW.