• 28.04.2017
Production of Road-Construction Equipment

The project envisages the production of road-construction machinery, backup power sources, and replaceable working units of the equipment and the creation of production facilities to ensure the functioning of the relevant technological processes.

The project intends to produce the following:

  • road construction equipment with a carrying capacity of 1000-7000 kg;
  • hinged replaceable tools for road-construction machinery; additional equipment for installation on tractors, cars;
  • backup power sources – 10–1000 kVA diesel generator sets;
  • repair and maintenance of road-construction machinery.

The plant for the production of road-construction machinery will ensure the achievement of the following strategic goals:

  • meeting the needs of the domestic market with road-construction machinery, backup power sources;
  • increase the volume of exports of road-construction machinery to neighboring countries;
  • increasing employment and income levels of the population;
  • creation of new productions.

At the first stage of the project implementation, it is planned to organize the assembly production of road-construction machinery according to the SKD scheme, the assembly production of backup power sources, the manufacture of parts and components for them, and the painting of products. Organization of repair and maintenance of road-construction machinery.

At the second stage, it is planned to organize the manufacture of front and rear frames, cabs from subassemblies, mounted replaceable tools, individual parts and assemblies. For the complete set it is planned to manufacture attachments like milling machines, installation of drilling and crane, excavator, loading-chain, as well as the complete manufacture of tanks, cisterns, equipment concrete mixer, concrete pump for subsequent installation on cars.

Production capacity:

  • road-construction machinery (front loaders, combination rollers) – 550 units per year;
  • backup power sources – 1000 units per year;
  • mounted replaceable tools to the Belarus tractor – 500 units per year;
  • hinged replaceable tools for front loaders – 1,200 units per year.
  • repair and maintenance of road-construction machinery – for 250 units per year.

Production capacity estimated:

No. Products Main parameter Project capacity (pcs / year)
1. Road-construction Machinery
1.1 Single-bucket front loaders Payload 1000–7000 kg 500
1.2 Combined rollers 1260–2100 мм 50
Total: 550
2. Attachments to the tractor:
2.1 Milling machine 100
2.2 Installation of drilling and crane 150
2.3 Installation of excavator 150
2.4 Installation of loading and chain 100
Total: 500
3. Replaceable working bodies for road construction equipment
3.1 Buckets Front loader 500
3.2 Grips maxillary 100
3.3 Crane Boom 100
3.4 Agricultural forks 100
3.5 Freight forks 100
3.6 Dozer blade 300
Total: 1200
4. Backup power sources (diesel generators, diesel pumps)
4.1 Diesel generator 10/15/20 kVA 200
4.2 Diesel generator 60 kVA 150
4.3 Diesel generator 80 kVA 150
4.4 Diesel generator 105 kVA 100
4.5 Diesel generator 120 kVA 50
4.6 Diesel generator 150 kVA 50
4.7 Diesel generator 200 kVA 50
4.8 Diesel generator 250 kVA 50
4.9 Diesel generator 500–1000 kVA 100
4.10 Diesel pump 130 m3 / 86 m 50
4.11 Diesel pump 130 m3 / 114 m 50
Total: 1000
5. Service station
Repair and maintenance of road construction equipment 250

Architectural and construction part

On the site of an enterprise for the production of cars and road-building machinery, the construction of main and auxiliary buildings and structures is envisaged:

  • housing assembly of road-construction machinery with ABK;
  • building for manufacturing parts and assemblies;
  • service stations;
  • checkpoint;
  • garage;
  • gas station;
  • warehouse of oils, paints and chemicals;
  • gas bottle storage;
  • block of treatment facilities;
  • electrical substation;
  • wells, pumping station, water storage tanks;
  • sites for advanced construction;
  • truck parking;
  • car parking;
  • test track.

Road-construction machinery assembly building:

It is a one-story building with 108 × 78 meters size according to the plan. The part of the building consists of three spans of 24 meters each and an additional insert for technical services 6 × 84 meters.

Grid colon 12 × 24 m. The roof is equipped with lights. There is also a three-storey administrative and household building designed.

In the administrative building there are office and service premises, a central passage, a cloakroom, a dining room, a medical center, a conference hall. The center is equipped with greenhouse and gym for the employees to spend their working breaks.