• 28.05.2018

A VPN is essential for any online users in the United States, whether you live there or even are just visiting. Public Wi-Fi’s might seem harmless, as users connect to them every day in coffee shops, airports, bars and other places. User information is vulnerable to hacking and data extraction, as the origin and the owner of the Wi-Fi network is generally unknown. Servers in more than 140 countries and unlimited data make PureVPN a great choice for streaming and surfing the web securely.

PrivateVPN is designed with security as the main focus, offering great network defence and very strong encryption for secure connection and streaming. But the majority of the users do not realize how their private information, passwords, logins and other sensitive data is left exposed when connecting to an unsafe network.

VPNs give you a wide list of servers located all over the globe that users can connect to and by doing so the VPN virtually changes user location. VPN (virtual private network) service providers create secure connection between the Internet and the Internet user device. artworkinaction.com